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Welcome to e-ELF

e-ELF is your single access point for all EPA Authorisations.  This service allows you to renew licences, exemptions and works approvals and pay for any licence based invoice.

All payments are made using a credit cardNote: EPA environmental authorisation application forms - renewal (licence, exemption & works approval) - incur a separate application fee, which MUST be paid when submitting the application form.

To use e-ELF all you need is;

  • A suitably configured browser.
  • A current credit card to make payment.
  • Your EPA invoice to make an invoice payment.
  • Your Renewal letter to renew a licence.
  • A printer to print your final application.  This is optional for renewals.

Browser Configurations

An internet browser - version 4 (or later) of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Style Sheets and Javascript should be enabled.

Accepted Credit Cards

MasterCard VisaCard AMEX


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